Little Ella

Everyone says go to Ella. It’s a must see when in Sri Lanka. Every backpacker will tell you so. Since I love my research, I did a little bit of it to find out what there is to do in this small town.  There isn’t actually that much to do. The main two activities are … More Little Ella

Kandy time 

Kandy is overrated. It can’t be just me who thinks so. Kandy is fine to stopover for one or two nights, just don’t stay longer than that. There’s not much to do in the city itself. Tuk tuk drivers try to sell you on tours to view points, gem stores, craft shops, and the botanical … More Kandy time 

Jungle Trekking 

My plan for Indonesia was Lombok, Gili Islands, Bali, and Java. With the limited time I planned to spend I figured this plan included enough of the country’s highlight to get a small taste for what these 17,000 islands were about. I read a few articles about jungle treks to see orangutans in Sumatra and … More Jungle Trekking