A few photos to ignite your quest for Morocco


Spending a short time in Morocco was all I needed to realize how many sights there are to see in this majestic place. Before I arrived I knew I would be planning a second trip in the future. Due to limited travel time, my trip would be cut to just the north. I would be missing out on the Sahara Desert. To be accomplished another time.

Early morning at Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca isn’t known for much except for the movie and the Hassan II Mosque. The beauty of the building and its location in the massive square is impressive and worth a visit.

Likely the most photographed stairs in Morocco.

Chefchaouen. My favourite place in Morocco and one of the most photogenic places I have travelled to. There is no apparent reason why the town was painted blue. There are a few stories yet no consensus as to how this came to be. Wandering through the streets and alleys was the highlight of my trip. I fell in love with almost every blue door I saw.

View of Chefchaouen walking through the Riff Mountains

A small break from taking pictures of countless blue doors, I went on a small hike to capture the beauty of this little city from above. There are more extensive hikes through the Riff mountains for travellers. It is less popular than the Atlas mountains so you’ll likely experience less foot traffic here.

Roadside stop on the way to Fes

A quick rest stop on the way from Chefchaouen to Fes. Chefchaouen was the place I was most looking forward to in Morocco and walking through the medina in Fes was a close second. Fes el Bali is the largest medina the world. It is possible to easily spend a day here exploring all the alleys, nooks, and shops. There are shops for everything – scarves, leather bags, pottery – a lot of shops.

One of the many carpet stalls in the medina

Last stop, Marrakech. After spending time in the Fes medina, I had my fill of markets. the medina in Marrakech has what is typical to others in Morocco. There’s the option of getting henna, buying local pottery, and eating the best street food all in the main square. Jemaa el fna is the large square in the medina quarter. As it is easy to get lost, stay close to your travel companions.

Majorelle Gardens
Jardin Majorelle

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