First time to Mexico

For my first trip to Mexico I was most excited about the food. We eat so many Mexican dishes at home that I had a sense of the cuisine but was eager to try more authentic food.
My initial assessment walking around our neighbourhood in Condesa was there is food stalls everywhere. There were three at the closest intersection to our Airbnb. As I was most excited about trying food in Mexico, seeing all these stalls had me excited.

The first meal was at a local tacqueria serving several different kinds of tacos. I immediately ordered chicken tacos and a chicken quesadilla. The food is made fresh, made to order.

The best spots for street food are always where locals are gathered to eat. A busy place usually means the food hasn’t been sitting around. We stopped for cheese quesadillas at a stall with a lineup of locals. The food was being made fresh to order and fried right beside us. The outcome was a hot cheesy delicious quesadilla. I’m already looking forward to the next one.
According to word of mouth and our online searches El Moro has the best churros. Ordering a plate was inexpensive, 20 pesos for 4. Were they good? Sure, but I’ve never had a bad churro. They were churros. What I did enjoy was El Morro was open 24 hours and had plenty of seating. There was a small line which moved really fast. Which made sense as it doesn’t take long to eat churros. If you’ve never had churros before then give it go. It’s a short walk from Palacio des Belles Artes.

The other item I searched out was mezcal. The best reviews we found were for La Clandestina. On a Wednesday night they were a few tables left open when we arrived. The staff were helpful in suggesting the right mezcal for you based on your taste. The serve the drinks with a plate of sliced oranges seasoned with chilli powder and worm salt. I loved these oranges more than the actual mezcal. I had no idea what made these oranges taste so good so I asked the staff. I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. I thought he said warm salt. Another staff member came over to explain it was worm salt. I had no idea worm salt oils make something so delicious. As my friends and I were at our table practicing the pronunciation of oranges in Spanish -naranja, we overheard the two bar staff practicing their pronunciation of worm. It was one those travel moments I love; trying to speak each other’s languages.

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