Day trip to Teotihuacan

The most popular day trip from Mexico City is to visit the pyramids at Teotihuacan. There’s not much known about Teotihuacan compared to other archeologically sites but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. I decided to go without a guide – it’s easy and there’s enough information online about its history.

How to get to Teotihuacan without a tour

It takes about an hour by bus and easy to get to, so why take a tour. You’ll have time to wander at your own pace at a fraction of the tour prices. Head to the north bus station – Autobuses del Norte. The station is on the metro line which costs 5 pesos. The buses run every 20 minutes so there’s no need to book ahead.


Go to the far end of the bus station near area #8 selling tickets for “Pyramides”. Buy round trip tickets for 100 pesos. The bus has air conditioning so enjoy!


I headed straight to the pyramid of the sun as it’s the largest of them. Bring water, hat, and sunscreen as there’s not much shade. Depending how much you like to walk around and take pictures, you could spend 2-3 hours.

When you’re done take the exit across from the pyramid of the sun. The bus stop is across the street. There are a few staff at the entrance you may want to ask if you’re not sure where to get the bus.

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