How to spend a weekend in Detroit

Detroit is likely not at the top of your travel list, it wasn’t at the top of mine. It’s a few hours away by road which makes it an easy weekend getaway. So is it worth going to? YES! Every city has something to discover so take the chance to find out what you love about Detroit.


Detroit has beautiful examples of art deco buildings like the Fisher building, Penobscot building, and the Guardian building. There are several self guided architecture tours you can take.

Eastern Market

Drop by Eastern Market in the morning to stroll the buildings filled with vendors. You’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables, food trucks, and other vendors.

Next stop was The Heidelberg Project. This is an outdoor art project spread out over a few properties in eastern Detroit. The art was made with found objects, junk, disagreed materials -whatever you want to call it.


For some downtime head over the Belt Alley, yes an alley. It has a few bars, galleries, and  street art to explore. I love the use of space turning something that could be a dark unused space into a destination people want to spend time in.

Belt Alley

Next stop was to wander downtown Detroit to Campus Martius. This an example of how Detroit is making efforts to make public spaces safe, useable, and accessible. A small sand area is created with lounge chairs, a bar/cafe, and live music. I didn’t expect this lively atmosphere of people hanging out in downtown Detroit.

Campus Martius
Comerica Park

People in Michigan love sports. They LOVE sports. Two major sport complexes are beside each other. You can see Ford Field which hosts American football games behind the baseball stadium. Attending a baseball game in the States felt very Americana, now I need to see a football game sometime.

Watching the Jays vs Tigers
Detroit Public Library

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