Is it too early to have a favourite?

New favourite city so far goes to Melbourne.  This may be because I stayed with a friend instead of a hostel.  It was so lovely to take a break from hostels even though I haven’t been on the road that long. Access to a clean kitchen and my own bedroom was a  welcome break from dorm rooms. I don’t actually mind dorms but it is nice to not worry about making too much noise when you wake up before everyone else. 

I stayed i the area Footscray which is a little west of the the CBS. It’s an area that’s starting to go through gentrification.  It’s got a mix of cheap places to eat and a few international grocery stores. Not quite the street art central that the CBD has. It’s usually not convenient to stay outside of the main city area but I find it interesting to stay where locals live. There were no tourists around when I was hanging out in Footscray or Yarraville. 

Outside the theatre in Yarraville

What’s makes Melbourne so lovely? It has a relaxed feel for such a large and busy city. There’s definitely the hustle of people going to work and going about their days. There’s also the hipster side of the city that helps mellow that part of the city. I couldn’t believe the amount of cafes. Apparently melbourne has the most Italian population  outside of Italy. This translates to amazing coffee. I splurged on a coffee to get the experience. I’m not a coffee snob so I have no idea its quality, it was good enough for me. 

Cafe in the CBD

The fun part of Melbourne is exploring the laneways and street art.  Urban and city planners did an incredible job making use of space in the city. It what would usually be considered creepy alleyways in my city are laneways filled with cafes, restaurants,  and beautiful street art.  It’s refreshing to see a city respect street art. It’s also a touristy attraction. I saw more tourists taking photos at Hozier Lane that I did at Federation Square. Even terrorism prevention has street art, which is a little awesome. Concrete boxes were added to sidewalks in some areas of the CBD to prevent people from driving up onto sidewalks. 

I can see why people Melbourne to Sydney.  It has what you need in a major city with also fun neighbourhood with a hipster vibe.

Other Melbourne sights 

National Gallery of Victoria – Who doesn’t love a FREE museum? Seriously what better way to spend an afternoon learning and experiencing art. Be sure to check out the Australian section. We don’t often be to see exhibits from Australian artists.

National Gallery of Victoria

Queen Victoria Market – This massive market can feel a bit touristy as many city markets do. Avoid the souvenir areas and head to the rear to find fresh produce.

Queen Victoria Market

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