Taxi, yes please 

“Taxi, yes please.” That seems tonbe all I hear walking the streets of Ubud. “Taxi, rice terraces, yes please?” The streets are lined with drivers offering tomtake you on a day trip with their taxi or scooter. It costs around $5 to rent a scootet yourself if you want to do a self drive. I’ve heard way too many stories of accidents from other travellers driving a scooter. Have you seen the hills around the rice terraces? I wouldn’t even feel comfortable driving a car on those roads. The scooter driver I hired said he didn’t like driving those road because they were dangerous. 

I went to the Tegalalang rice terraces which is the most popular one in Bali because of it’s size and hills. Each terrace is rented out to a farmer who manages their own area. The farmers offer tourists photos with their baskets for a small fee.

The scooter driver I hired asked if he could stop by at his family’s home to see his parents. He lives in Ubud because that’s where he can find employment. As he works 6-7 days a week, he only gets to see his family when he goes home for ceremony. The industry in his village is carving wood and selling the items to tourists. His father does the carving and his mother paints the items. 

There are so many temples to explore in Bali. It seemed like every other building hdad a small temple attached to it. A local let me know most homes have a small family temple and each village will have a larger village temple. Each morning people will set out the daily canang outside their home or family temple. By the end of the day, these baskets filled with flowers and incense are destroyed by foot traffic. 

One thing I did not do in Bali was check out its beaches. Somehow there’s a rumour that Bali is known for amazing beaches which isn’t the case. It does offer great surfing, but better beaches can be found on Lombok or Flores. Next stop, Gili Trawangan for beaches. 

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