Non essential travel items that you should pack

Besides a passport, visas, money, and vaccines, you’re good to go. Technically. There’s a lot of items that make travelling easier. There are the obvious ones like clothes, toiletries, and shoes. What about the other items? These are the non essential items that make being away from home and on the road that much better. Do we NEED these items? No, but they do make travelling much easier.


You can travel anywhere with out a book. Travelling with a book can make all the difference. Books are an easy source of entertainment that can be used anywhere. All you need is a little light. The best part is books can be found for free all over the planet. Many hostels have a free book exchange where guests can trade in a book for another one. I have found many great reads this way. Another option is to trade books with a fellow traveller.

You never know when you have time to read

Flashlight/Head torch

Have you ever tried to find the keys to your accommodation in the dark? Your phone may be dead or you don’t want to turn on the lights in a common space.  There’s loads of reasons why you need a travel size flashlight.

Offline Travel Documents

These aren’t actually something you pack, it’s something your prepare. Use your favourite document app to save offline copies of your important documents like your itinerary, passport copy, and emergency numbers. You will be able to access these documents at anytime as are saved offline. Wifi isn’t always available or working when we need. Save those documents! These can also be shared with another user. You may want to share with someone trusted at home for emergencies. My favourite is Google Docs. It’s easy and connected to your email.

Water Bottle with Filtration System

This is one of my favourite items to travel with. I invested in a Lifestraw water bottle that has a filtration straw in it. I was able to use this bottle to drink tap water in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Africa, and Vietnam. We all the know the impact that travelling does to the environment. This is one way to help reduce the amount of plastic waste -bring your own bottle!

Say no thank you to straws! (if you can)

This is was an alternative to buying a drink in plastic. This vendor sold drinks out of reusable bamboo.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

Accept it, you will be sleeping in a bus station, overnight train, or other random spot. It’s part of backpacking. Trains get missed then you’re stuck sleeping a few hours at the station waiting for the next one. Travel pillows can make all the difference for a restful sleep. I take an inflatable version with me as it deflates to a small size which makes it easy and light to pack.

These bags can get heavy.

These are some of my favourite non essential – yet essential – travel items. I always take these items with me on trips to help make travelling a little more comfortable.

Do you have any non essential items you would add to this list? Please share! Maybe there’s something I need to add to my packing list.

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